Used Dodge for sale at Bessette Automobiles in Cowansville

Dodge d’occasion à vendre chez Bessette Automobiles à Cowansville

At your Bessette Automobiles dealership in Cowansville, near St-Jean, you’re sure to be at the right place to find your sports car or minivan. Among our used vehicles, we offer you the pre-owned Dodge Challenger, which in 2020 celebrated its 50th anniversary. Arrived on our roads in 1970, over the years, this Muscle Car has kept its athletic stance and spirited engines.

Among these are the V6 engines with 305 horsepower, the HEMI V8 with 375 and 485 horsepower and a supercharged HEMI V8 developing 717 or 797 horsepower, depending on the version. The Demon version and its infernal 840-hp cavalry appeared in 2018, courtesy of the supercharged 6.2-litre V8 engine. Just imagine, over 800 horsepower for a sedan, that’s simply insane!

Used Dodge

In the same vein, you’ll find the pre-owned Dodge Charger, which also has no shortage of spice with its ultra performance engines. Along with its sister model, the Challenger, they both represent the best of American high-performance cars. And aside from their formidable prowess, they remain unequivocally two of the most beautiful sports cars ever made.

Used Dodge

If you’re more of an SUV type, the pre-owned Dodge Durango should certainly satisfy you. In the 3-row SUV class, the Durango is the only one equipped with a V8 engine, which is found in the SRT model, and with its 475 horsepower, it’s the fastest and most powerful. In fact, its 0-100 km/h acceleration time is under 5 seconds.

Used Dodge

The very famous pre-owned Dodge Grand Caravan minivan, which is in its last year under the Dodge banner, has been seducing families in Cowansville and St-Jean for over 30 years. And even if it changes sides, this minivan still offers an impressive array of features that are essential for today’s families. Its vast cargo space and versatility have made it a must-have for safety-conscious and practical parents.

As you browse through our inventory of used Dodge vehicles, you’ll see that we offer you the best vintages as well as the most attractive Dodge cars. So don’t wait any longer and drop by as soon as today!

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